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Corporate Logo Design & Branding – AXITI

We think recommendation has to be the best way to find a corporate brand designer! Did you know that 72% of our design projects come from recommendations?

This iconic corporate logo design and branding is for a prestigious German hinge company and was awarded due to this approach. The Axiti hinge is truly unique. Moreover, it has a simple operation and level of weight support can be utilised with large glass panels from a single pivot point.

Furthermore, we also believed it was important to express this singular uniqueness in the corporate logo design. With this in mind, our designers communicated this with a minimalist grey dot at the centre of the design. We represented the mechanism by four coloured arms. The corporate colours were chosen to keep the consistency of the “Frank” family branding. Additionally, we used the colours to indicate which size of hinge you are using. For example magenta represents the largest size of hinge, where orange the smallest. Our team work on many corporate logo design & branding projects for this client and its associated companies.