Project Description

Professional Logo Design for Urbanis

Urbanis are a professional construction and project management organisation, based in East London.

We created a professional logo design to help them stand out in their very competitive market. This memorable logo provided our client with credibility to assist in securing both private and public sectors work.

Our design process took the owner and his team through the various stages of creating a professionally designed logo. Furthermore, we ensured the graphic logo projects a memorable identity whilst also reflecting the company’s core values. Professional logo design is not created in a vacuum. Our logo design consultants worked hand in hand with the client, finessing each concept design until their expectations were fully realised.
We call it our “pick and mix” design process.

Firstly, we listen to the client’s wishes and ideas. Next we analyse and apprehend the design brief. Equipped with these ingredients, and of course some of our own ideas, we design them the client selection of various logo concepts. Finally, we show the final designs to the client for them to study and comment on. Taking on board these comments and preferences, we fine tune the designs combining elements from the many concepts delivered. This design methodology has delivered the best of both worlds for the client.  For example: a font style from one logo, the shape and a pantone colour from another to evolve the logo design, into the perfect creation.

Our goal is to design a logo or brand that will stand the test of time not requiring and updating for the next 10 years. We were delighted when Urbanis returned to us some 7 years later for an eco-friendly version of their logo. They were increasingly working on renewable and sustainable projects and wanted their logo to embrace these strong green ethics.

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