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Graphic logo design and corporate brochure – Absolute

Every organisation needs a resilient graphic logo design, which will leave a memorable impression in the mind of potential clients, customers as well as visitors. Our existing international client Frank Gmbh brought a special demountable display showcase to the market. This new creation removed the limitation of all other existing products for museums and exhibition purposes. This already had a patented acrylic version, which our design agency previously branded. Nevertheless, the market desired a glass version to resolve some of the security and longevity issues, normally associated with acrylic showcases.

This innovative, unique product would become a market leader. By resolving many of the pre-existing problems with so called easily demountable showcases, Absolute was born. We were asked by Frank to deliver a corporate name and branding that imparted these special qualities. It was vital this brand instantly stood out from the white noise of every other manufacture. After much market research, we created the brand name “Absolute”. This corporate brand embraced the products special qualities in a simple understandable name, which also worked seamlessly in many other languages. This was a paramount element as Frank sells into a global market place via the web in addition to more traditional methods.

When we look at the graphic logo design in detail, there are 16 square boxes arranged in a grid formation. These grey boxes symbolise some of the many other display showcases made by other manufactures from around the globe. Nonetheless, the box in the top right hand corner is the only one coloured magenta, visibly standing out from the rest. We strategically played with moving this magenta box out of line with the others; however the client preferred the clean modular lines. A further corporate message is that these boxes are all the special features that go into making the “Absolute Range” superior in aesthetics, design and function. We ensured that the Absolute brand delivers a strong memorable presence and message. The brand’s suitability, for both printed and electronic media, was tested prior to it getting the green eco light.

Finally, after we fine-tuned every design detail, the brand was launched to great excitement at Exponatec in Cologne.
Exponatec is a bi-annual museum expo, the largest in Europe. Here all showcase manufactures attend to show off their products to museum buyers from all over the world. Give us call if you have a product that requires visual exposure or brand awareness. When it comes down to increasing you market, our design consultants are happy to help you maximise your potential.