Project Description

Creative Logo Design for Bell Jar

As a creative design consultancy, we just don’t produce creative design works for corporate and SME companies.  We also offer a tailored design approach to different companies, whatever the size of your company or design requirements.

For instance, this minimalistic logo was designed for Bell Jar. Bell Jar is a sole trader who organises truly special holidays.  Moreover, their key destinations are hand-picked most carefully for their inspirational landscapes and stimulating features. In these idyllic locations people could escape the everyday and be inspired to write poetry.

We designed the Bell Jar logo to reflect the brief which included a minimal approach incorporating their exclusive message. Our team clearly integrated this message whilst keeping the design simple and cohesive yet effective.

Furthermore, when you examine this creative logo design, you can discover there is a small puddle of black ink at the bottom of the text. Do you dare to dip your nib into its creative pool?

We were approached by Bell Jar as our logo designs are very affordable. In addition, they can be combined into a cost effect business packages for considerable savings.  So if you are looking for a new company logo or a re-fresh of your current design please drop us a line to discuss your requirements.