At the studio here we always create fresh original designs that deliver effective memorable solutions. You don’t have to be passionate about logo design to realise that having a corporate image is essential.

Logo design has so many diverse definitions; they all run seamlessly with the infinite question:

What makes great logo design?


  1. Represent & connect with a company: A logo should tell you all about the company. It has to mirror the company’s soul and reflect a positive imprint.
  2. Be flexible & utilizable: Any logo designer knows the importance design job of these 2 chums. A corporate logo design needs to be used across various design mediums (business cards, letterheads, promotional material, websites and so on).
  3. Brand awareness: No matter how much I love creating a seamless minimalist logo, it also has to contain a good measure of brand awareness otherwise the end logo design is pretty inadequate.
  4. Simple in design: Less is more certainly applies to logo design. Designing a corporate logo or identity that hold all the compulsory essentials in the right place wrapped in a simple yet productive design blanket is for me the ultimate successful logo design triumph.
  5. Memorable: Consumers need to instantly (in the blink of an eye) recognize the logo whilst linking it with their company or brand. The right term used for this: Brand recognition. (best example Coca-Cola)
  6. Color: Any good logo designer will tell you that your corporate logo design needs work in color as well as black and white (when the message can become a lot stronger).
  7. Everlasting: An iconic logo stands the test of time even when the company they symbolize evolves through time. A properly designed logo should have a timeless quality.
  8. Excite & inspire: Personally I love logos with a hidden message or a story behind them. A logo you can look at a second time and connects with you on an entire different level that is for me crème de la crème logo design.