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Corporate branding – company or product name? (Part 6)

Thank you to those who dropped us a thank you email for part 5.

Everyone will go about this process in a different way dependent on the specific requirements so I have given a generic way we would approach this difficult corporate branding task.

Firstly it’s important to study the company or product (sometimes the name and the product are one and the same) to get under the skin and start looking for all the positives.

Then start writing these down but don’t do this exercise all in one session, you need to get the old grey cells working but you might find its when you’re on the train, middle of the night or similar when you grey cells work best. That’s why I always carry pen and paper.

Now you might be lucky and the very first name you thought of is still the best, I tend to find whilst generating names there will be a Eureka moment!

You notice I said at the beginning we, this is not a task for one person alone as this only gives possible names from one perspective. If it’s only you then ask other family members and friends to give you their thoughts and possible names or get a company like ours to give you an initial consultation. This will prove very useful as each will come from a completely different direction; you might be to close and can’t see the wood from the trees.

Also have group meetings to discuss possible names, it can be catalyst from a comment that sparks a reaction from another which creates a memorable iconic name.

Remember this is one of the most important decisions you will make so better get it right or be lost to obscurity for ever!


10 items to check when choosing a name


  1. Uniqueness
  2. Easy to pronounce
  3. Memorable
  4. Does it embrace your company ethos or product?
  5. Not already a registered company, or trademarked
  6. You don’t want a name similar to other companies that your company might be confused with or infringe on
  7. Does the name make sense in other languages(only applicable if selling internationally)
  8. High level domain exist
  9. Carry out search engine test
  10. Flexibility for the future


We can list everything you should check but if your name ticks all the above then you are on the right road.

I hope this blog has provided a little insight into choosing a company name or product?

Next time “the Pros and Cons of choosing a made up word as a company name or product – Part 7


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Part5: Branding – The difficult task of deciding on a good company or product name?

graphic designer

Graphic museum design | brochure design

Brand design

Brand design meeting in Germany.

Recommendation has to be the best way to find a corporate brand designer, 72% of SMA design work comes from recommendations. This iconic brand meeting is for a prestigious German hinge company and was awarded due to this approach.  Brand update to follow …

brand design




creative logo designer

Creative branding – Deciding on a good company or product name? (Part 5)

The summer holidays are over and I know there are some people out there who have been emailing asking when the part 5 would be online? Sorry for the delay but I have been juggling my time over the last couple of months, but here we go and I think you will find it’s been worth the wait.

So you are starting a new company or you have a new product which you want to lunch, so it’s going to need a name?

One of the first mistakes people and companies make is to just choose a name at random. Names they have always liked, family member name, favourite something or other etc you get the point. Now 100 years ago this would be fine, just think of some of the most famous household names, for example Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, named after the inventor W.K. Kellogg.

Before the internet you decided on the name then checked to see if any other company was registered under the chosen name and that was about it. Even if there were two companies of similar name they might not have been offering the same service or location. This didn’t matter as the way people found companies or products was very different than today, we all relied on printed directories, newspapers and mail shots.

However in today’s online world unique names have become very difficult to find or have already so many companies or products similar that you are lost in the white noise.

You can test this for yourself just do a search on Bing or any search engine for a name and see how many results it throws up for what you thought was a totally exclusive name?

So if you did the last part you will see what I mean, if not then take it from me there will be literally hundreds, thousands or millions all trying to get on the first page.

This is why over the last 10 years we have seen the increase in names which form no part of the English language, meshing of words or abstracts even from those services or products they offer. I am sure you have come across many examples of this whilst shopping both on the high street and online.

So choosing a name is a difficult task and one that shouldn’t be created in isolation.

I hope to see you back for the next part “so how do I choose a company or product name” (part 6)?

SEO branding



SEO blog post @

Let’s { create design enjoy } be graphic designers



We are renowned for our innovative graphic designs which continually push the envelope to deliver effective memorable graphic design solutions which:

communicate, influence, relate, engage, provoke, inspire, excite and educate.

Let’s { create design enjoy } be graphic designers.


Branding – New website or just update, some helpful ideas (Part 4)

Unless you are a start-up company the chances are you already have a website and you might be happy with the way it looks and don’t want to invest any more resources to this marketing tool. Is this the right approach?

It’s normally best from my experience to get someone independent to evaluate your company website for design, aesthetic appeal, functionality and its overall internet exposure. What do I mean by overall internet exposure, well for example how well your website performs in search engines, not for your company name or organisation as this will normally do quite well, but the all-important services, products or information you are trying to put out into e-world.

Websites are not like comfy slippers or wine they do not get better with age. In fact due to many changes in the way we view internet via iphones, smartphones, tablets, smart televisions and the increase in large monitors makes some websites look like they are from the Jurassic period.

I have had many clients tell me that they like the design of their website which was designed about 5 years ago. This instantly tells me that it’s time for them to invest in new website not updated or upgraded.

Yes you can upgrade a website to add new features and interactivity but if the basic foundations are no longer sound you are just putting off the inevitable and it’s never going to compete with other newer websites. For example a website of 5 years or more will probably look like a postage stamp on a large screen as it was designed at a time when average screen sizes where 19 inches or smaller and on a low resolution display compared to today’s graphic cards and monitor displays.

It sends out a branding message to your existing client base and loyalty following of an organisation which doesn’t evolve or keep up with the times.

I always say to clients when they are hesitant about investing in a new website site, how many projects or products etc will you need to secure for it to repay the cost of the website? Normally the reply is one new project or one good product order etc. This is the point, with the old website the order probably wouldn’t have happen, so it’s a very efficient and cost effective part of your marketing approach and potential good for another 5 years if designed properly.

A website is relatively cheap advertising and marketing tools which works for your company or organisation 24 hours days without going sick or taking a holiday. So when people come to browse your website better make sure you are wearing your best clothes, as you wouldn’t go to important meeting wearing your old decorating clothes which where your best 5 years ago.

Graphic design reference

graphic design job reference


Branding: Search Engine Optimisation or SEO worth it or not? (Part 3)

One of the questions I am always asked by clients is it worth making our website optimised for search engines? So this time I thought we would look at the subject of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

I am sure like me you get Spam emails saying in the blink of an eye they can get you onto the front page of every search engine using their special software or by paying them.

Should you try their services well my advice would be a big NO anyone that says they can guarantee you this, best to show them the front door.

However it is true that if you combine all the right elements together in the right amounts you will certainly improve your position. Now I am not going to tell you what those elements are as these web pages already exist in huge numbers.

What I would say is that even when you have all the right elements together they have to be in the right amount and in the right place to achieve a search engine first page for your specific search criteria or word strings.

Putting it another way if you want a great meal or cake and you give me all the ingredients you will at best only get something mediocre. Now give the same ingredients to one of the plethora of celebrity chefs and you might (yes might) get that eureka moment when everything comes together in the right order and amounts to produce something truly extraordinary.

Now you’re probably thinking so can SMA design get my website on the front page of the major search engines?

I would instantly say there are no guarantees with SEO but we will do exactly the same as for so many SMA designs’ clients which has proven 100% successful in elevating their websites to front page status.

So if you’re thinking about SEO then lets turn mediocre into truly extraordinary.

Next time when is the right time for a new website?

Design meeting | Kenya

Design meeting Kenya | 2013



Corporate brochure design & marketing stratergy for precision German manufacturing company.

graphic design agencies

Logo design and branding


Striking branding, company slogan & website design for three related display showcase product lines.

exhibition design companies

Exhibition design

Vibrant colours & striking branding are used to great effect on this affordable low budget exhibition design and exhibition stand design.


brand consultants UK

Branding: Company brand slogans are they a good or bad (Part 2)

The first thing when deciding on a company slogan or strap line for your company is do we really need one? By having a company strap line  ( brand slogans ) you have to ask will it bring added value or in a split second enlighten or give the reader reassurance of your services product or brand.

A great strap line can really make a huge impact on any marketing campaign elevating your brand above your competitors and keep your company’s name in their minds for far greater length of time.

However there is no point making for example a performance statement that your company can’t deliver on. This will just work in a negative way and you will rule the day you ever went with any strap line.

Now producing a strap line might seem easy enough thing to do but it’s far from easy especially if you are to close to the subject. It normally requires someone impartial to look at your company or product etc to see its strengths and differences, combining these positives into a one line message that is memorable and instantly hits home.

There are many different types of strap line including “performance”, “straight talking” or “enlightenment” etc which one is best depends significantly on the specific company, product or service you are promoting.

I normally formulate around twenty strap lines for the client, generally there will be one or two they love which sums up everything they wanted to express themselves but were not able to articulate into one short memorable statement.

At the end of the day you want to produce a strap line that people and your competitors will comment on in a positive manner.

So should I have a strap line the answer is a definite yes but with reservations!



logo design inspiration


Logo design inspirations :

Simple effective logo design for startup specialist holiday company.

New Branding | brand consultants

New Branding for International Investment Bank:


After a three month wait our brand consultants were delighted to hear this week that we have been awarded the branding for an international investment bank based in New York, Singapore, Frankfurt & London – Work will include evolution of logo design, website and all corporate stationery, guidelines & marketing materials.

Exhibition graphic design

Smadesign specialise in forward-looking exhibition graphic design & branding, creating exceptional and green design solutions that convey aesthetics, flexibility and impact.

From initial concept through to implementation, our passion and attention to detail generate engaging exhibition graphic design solutions that reflect the ethos and goals of your exhibition or organisation.

We successfully deliver bespoke graphic design solutions that look eye-catching with maximum impact and value.



Creative branding agency

Creative branding agency


Top 10 branding agencies


London branding agency

Econsultants | environmentally friendly design

Whether designing the interior of a hotel, corporate brochure, commercial exhibition or a simple company logo design,  it is no longer enough for designers to produce wonderful designs to capture our attention; they have a responsibility to ensure their designs are both Eco-friendly and environmentally friendly design compliant.

Some design consultancies are only just waking up to the idea of repositioning themselves to embrace and deliver these green initiatives.

smadesign’s own Eco evolution started over 7 years ago, which leaves our consultancy uniquely positioned to support the client.

Our designers have researched and adopted the most advantageous and principles from around the world into our various designs.

At the same time smadesign has developed our own pioneering Eco innovations some of which we have listed below:

Exhibition stands designed to use environmentally friendly, responsibly sourced and recycled materials with low toxins. Designs that permit the simple adjustment of the stands construction for reuse rather than being destroyed after each event.Installation contractors located close to project sites saving dramatically on transport of both materials and people, all of which contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.

Interior designs that use many of the principles above but also ensure products are from responsibly & fairly sourced suppliers.

Putting lots of green ingredients in all our corporate logo design pies {click here for our scrumptious green recipe link – trust us, it tastes better than it sounds }

Eco lighting design solutions that lower power consumption reduce heat gain and UV from light sources, with the added advantage of only having to re-lamp every 7 to 10 years.

From the very beginning our design team listens to the clients’ objectives and puts forward designs which balance energy-saving measures, efficiency, sustainable & renewable technologies with other more conventional methods of delivery.

By adopting simple cost-effective Eco-friendly design smadesign are helping to reduce toxins, carbon foot print and energy consumption for many companies, exhibitions and private clients.

This simple approach provides a “best value” green solution that delivers on client expectation, reduces carbon foot print, saves valuable energy and is therefore kinder to the environment.


brand consultants UK

Branding: It’s not just a quality corporate logo design (Part 1)

Some people or organisations get very confused thinking that their corporate logo design is their branding?

However understanding branding is far more than a nice corporate logo design.

Branding is finding a solution that gets your market to choose your brand (product or services) over the competition.

If you are really clever and can place your company product or organisation as the only real provider for this service or product then that’s a great brand and potentially iconic.

Your brand should project a clear message, professionalism, stimulate, inspire and eventually build up a customer loyalty foundation.

So yes a quality logo design is a very important part of the branding and something that your company branding & marketing will use as the driving force behind getting market recognition.

However understanding your market place is key to good branding and any creative agency / branding agency worth their sorts should guide you on this difficult passage that will eventually produce a strong brand.

Believe me there is no quick fix to producing a strong brand it takes plenty of research, hard work and creative flair to deliver a clear communicative solution that people have loyalty towards.

Time is a precise commodity and it never comes again so make sure you choose the right branding company to help you standard out from the crowd!

Next time company slogans or strap lines are they a good or bad marketing tool?

QUBE logo design

Our logo design agency was chosen by an established Belgium museum display showcase firm to roll out a new corporate branding package, including logo design, website design and blog.

Our creativity, knowledge of the museum and design sector and SEO techniques where instrumental in our appointment over other London-based creative design agencies.

The qube brand evolved to fill a requirement in the market for high quality affordable protective display showcases (vitrines) in the world of art, museums, displays, exhibitions, events and many more.


green graphic designers

Have Yourself a Merry Green Christmas

Yes, it’s that time again when we all get into the festive spirit and it is time for another soon to be green Christmas.


The sma Christmas tree has made its re-appearance this week, after spending another year outside were it has grown approximately 75mm, at this rate we might have to move studios by 2020!

Decked out with some really nice solar Christmas lights and recycled decorations it’s been another job for the lighting designers in the studio to out do last years creation.

It has been one of the busiest years in the studio with a diversity of projects and new clients, fingers crossed we hope next year will continue on in the same vein.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our design blog as much as we have enjoyed sharing our design articles, thoughts, projects and design news with you all.

Everyone here at the studio would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a fantastic 2012 !


World Wildlife Fund 50th Anniversary


We were delighted when we were approached by World Wildlife Fund to provide exhibition & lighting design consultancy on this prestigious event

It was particularly important for WWF they worked with a design company with environmental & eco-friendly principles & ethos.

smadesign’s own eco evolution started over 7 years ago, which leaves our consultancy uniquely positioned to support the client.

Our designers have researched and adopted the most advantageous new eco technologies and principles from around the world into our various designs. At the same time smadesign has developed our own pioneering eco innovations, you can read more about these on our main design consultancy website.


Green creative logo design

Green creative logo design project update:


With the Government initiatives to cut carbon emissions Parker Bromley decided to enter the photovoltaic solar panels installation market for residential properties.

SMA design were asked to brand this new division with a fresh, funky and eco take on the established logo and brand. This branding has been so well received that the client now has decided their commercial logo design / branding should be evolved to reflect this new and exciting style.






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Ticking all the right corporate logo design boxes

What is the secret ingredient that makes a memorable iconic corporate identity / logo design?


In my experience it comes down to a lot of hard but fun research and design work combined to a very good relationship between the client and the corporate design studio or integrated design agency.

What should a potential client looking to refresh their organisation be looking for in a corporate design studio or integrated design agency?

Its very important from the start that the client feels that their organisation / company is in safe hands, after all this change of direction will and should have a considerable impact on how the company is perceived and their margins increased.

Next research is all important with either and established or start up company, what is already in the market and how can you stand out from the rest?

Do you follow or do you lead your competitors? What are your goals and expectation of the refresh or new branding?  That in fact brings us on to the bigger picture “branding” it is not only the corporate logo but the whole shooting match that must be considered. No point redesigning your logo and forgetting to have a branding and marketing strategy to support it.

The best iconic corporate logo design or branding will do nothing if not marketed in the correct way. It’s a bit like a super model dressed in expensive designer clothing but standing in a blacked out room, she looks fantastic but no one else can see her! We will cover branding next time now back to ticking the boxes. This phrase is all important especially when there are so many hurdles or boxes for organisations to tick before a potential project or tender is won.If your organisations image is already projecting or ticking these boxes the lucrative deal might be just a little close to your grasp.

So it’s defining what your organisation stands for and projecting these in a positive and clear design that is instantly recognisable to your market place. This process might have to be achieved in several steps or evolutions of the original logo. So for example the full name of the company might initially need to be shown along side an abbreviation. Then in time once the brand has built up market recognition the logo design evolution would be to drop the full name of the company to a simplified iconic logo of initials.Hopefully you get the idea – that’s it for now next time branding.