Creative Branding

New website or just update, some helpful ideas (Part 4)

Unless you are a start-up company the chances are you already have a website and you might be happy with the way it looks and don’t want to invest any more resources to this marketing tool. Is this the right approach?

It’s normally best from my experience to get someone independent to evaluate your company website for design, aesthetic appeal, functionality and its overall internet exposure. What do I mean by overall internet exposure, well for example how well your website performs in search engines, not for your company name or organisation as this will normally do quite well, but the all-important services, products or information you are trying to put out into e-world.

Websites are not like comfy slippers or wine they do not get better with age. In fact due to many changes in the way we view internet via iphones, smartphones, tablets, smart televisions and the increase in large monitors makes some websites look like they are from the Jurassic period.

I have had many clients tell me that they like the design of their website which was designed about 5 years ago. This instantly tells me that it’s time for them to invest in new website not updated or upgraded.

Yes you can upgrade a website to add new features and interactivity but if the basic foundations are no longer sound you are just putting off the inevitable and it’s never going to compete with other newer websites. For example a website of 5 years or more will probably look like a postage stamp on a large screen as it was designed at a time when average screen sizes where 19 inches or smaller and on a low resolution display compared to today’s graphic cards and monitor displays.

It sends out a branding message to your existing client base and loyalty following of an organisation which doesn’t evolve or keep up with the times.

I always say to clients when they are hesitant about investing in a new website site, how many projects or products etc will you need to secure for it to repay the cost of the website? Normally the reply is one new project or one good product order etc. This is the point, with the old website the order probably wouldn’t have happen, so it’s a very efficient and cost effective part of your marketing approach and potential good for another 5 years if designed properly.

A website is relatively cheap advertising and marketing tools which works for your company or organisation 24 hours days without going sick or taking a holiday.

So when people come to browse your website better make sure you are wearing your best clothes, as you wouldn’t go to important meeting wearing your old decorating clothes which where your best 5 years ago.